Please use this tool on a desktop computer. I am working on a mobile version at the moment.

PLO Hand Strength Trainer

This is a tool which helps you to improve your PLO preflop hand selection. Give a guess for how good you think a hand is and see if your answer is correct.
After switching from NLH to PLO I realized my preflop skills needed some work. I found some tools who help you train these skills, but most of them were rather complex and not accessible via a web browser. That's why I've developed
The left one is your guess. The right one is the answer.
I have used a list provided by It is specifically this list.
From the readme text: A hand ordering for 10-handed omaha-hi generated via an evolution program. Hands are listed in descending order of profitability. Cards of the same suit are listed in parentheses.
There is also an interesting blogpost about how they got the ranking here.
  • Green: Your guess was within plus or minus 5% of the answer.
  • Orange: Your guess was within plus or minus 15% of the answer.
  • Red: Your guess was off by more than 15% - gl, i guess.
Great! Please let me know on twitter! Thank you.